Internal setting up of a latex mattress:

Latex is a widespread material in the manufacture of mattresses, it is made from a natural plant but it can also be synthetic and, in fact, there are many models on the market that are made up of a mixed composition of artificial and natural material ( since a completely natural latex mattress is very expensive).

The peculiarity of this material is that it is very breathable and rigid, therefore able to offer very good and adequate resistance to support the spine, but at the same time, it is flexible and elastic, comfortably absorbing the movements of the body at rest and distributing the pressure evenly.

The percentage of real latex present in the mattress can be total (in this case the mattress is quite heavy and has an internal layer of latex of at least 10 cm) or it can vary: this indication must always be present and detailed as there is a risk of buying a mattress with a latex coating or a low percentage of latex, but paying for it as a model made entirely of this material. Finally, a latex mattress can adapt very well to any type of person, but it is recommended in particular for those who want a model with medium-high and high support and therefore not suitable for those who want a very soft mattress.

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Foam (memory foam and others):

This material is considered as an innovation in the world of mattresses. In general, the advantages of foam or memory foam mattresses are the great flexibility that characterizes them and which makes it possible to distribute the body pressure evenly and very comfortably.

In particular, memory foam is a material that adapts very well to the curves of the lying body: for this reason, it is very elastic but also advisable for people of normal weight or thin, given that the lift is not among the highest.